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Suzie Bridges Architects working with the Expeditionary Trust in the UK and France

By suziebridges, Jul 8 2013 04:58PM

La Voix du Nord, France. Meeting with Andrew Murrison

Just back from Montreuil-sur-Mer after a presentation to Andrew Murrison, minister in charge of WW1 commemoration events, and to the British Ambassador in France, at the site for the new GHQ Heritage Centre. The Expeditionary Trust and the town of Montreuil are doing an amazing job building support and funds for the project.

This is a unique aspect of the history of the Great War which will be told in the town and buildings in which the staff of General Headquarters were based. It was a huge international logistics achievement without which the war would not have been won.

We are working closely with the UK and French teams advising on the design of exhibits and installations at the new Centre.

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